2012. augusztus 23., csütörtök

Game version 0.95.091 released

Notable changes:
  • Added logic for shared-radar for campaign and skirmish. You need to have a relation of 80 with the aliens along with an alliance against someone else. The settings can be changed in the definition.xml.
  • Modified AI diplomatic reaction to consider the current relation with you (and the third party in ally case), therefore, if you are good friends with the alien, they will accept money in P = relation %.
  • Starmap modified do disallow attacking fleets and planets of the same group in skirmish.
  • The game now can play external OGG music. Place your music under /audio/generic/music and name your files Music4.ogg, Music5.ogg etc. You don't need to padd the numbers. (Issue #639)
  • Fixed case where the new trait system did not properly load old saves. (Issue #643)
  • Fixed a no-progression bug. (Issue #644)
  • Fixed NPE crash due the new message-history behavior on the bridge (Issue #647)
  • Added new failsafe cases for level 3 when you manage to desert a Garthog planet, a colony ship will automatically recolonize it for you. (Issue #649)
  • Skirmish victory conditions fully implemented. The new win screen, loading and saving a skirmish definition will be handled later (Issue #638Issue #259Issue #637)

  • Added AI logic that pushes colonization in case its enemies own more planets.
  • Added custom planet image for equipment and space battles. Each image should resemble the surface type of the actual planet.
  • Changed Load/Save screen to highlight skirmish saves in Orange/White.

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