2012. augusztus 19., vasárnap

Launcher 0.37 released

Now that we want to support French language, the Launcher had to be updated in order to manage a long awaited scenario: selecting the languages you want to install and maintain.

When you install the game the first time, the following dialog will be presented to you:

If you have the game installed already, you can manage the installed language packages via the Other options  > Select language packs... menu item:

In this case, the dialog receives two additional options:

  • You can start the installation of new packages once you click "OK". If you did not check this option, you can run the Verify installation command, which will take care of the now missing files.
  • You can ask the launcher to remove unnecessary language files, freeing some disk space.
The package sizes and total amount of download is displayed for your convenience.

The final convenience feature is the ability to force-repair the Launcher itself. Just click on the Repair Launcher menu option.

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