2012. október 23., kedd

Game version 0.95.111 released

Russian language related changes.

Many labels have been extracted from the original version in addition to Kirill Grigoriev's diligent work in translating the new labels.

Note that due the automated nature of the extraction, labels might be off.

2012. október 22., hétfő

Launcher version 0.40 released

Notable changes:

  • Added support for Russian version.

Game version 0.95.110 released

Notable changes

  • Russian language support. Russian audio has been integrated, although some of them might not be properly synchronized to the videos.
  • Fixed some missing labels across languages.

Game version 0.95.109 released

Notable changes:

  • The Skirmish / Galaxy screen features an extra field where you can set up the maximum technology level. This was formerly the only level settings. The current initial tech level now specifies the availability of technologies right from the start. For example, setting the first value to 3 will make everything up to level 3 available for production or construction. The scale goes from 0 to 6, where 0 means there could be level 1 researches to be done. (Issue #683)
  • Replaced the French audio and video files with the proper versions, however, they could be still incorreclty timed.

2012. október 20., szombat

Game version 0.95.108 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed cases where a game save could not properly incorporate pending operations, such as the announcement of an objective or mission completion rewards. Usually, these where cases where the player saved in the middle of some audio announcement (for example, when the first trader is attacked in M2 and you saved while the computer told you about an incoming message, the mission was not showing up in the reload) (Issue #681).

2012. október 16., kedd

Java security update

Java security has been improved again. I strongly recommend updating your Java to 7u9. In addition, if you have Java 6 installed as well, update it to 6u37.

2012. október 7., vasárnap

Game version 0.95.107 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed save corruption when chosing traits for skirmish. (Issue #678)
  • Fixed crash if planet surfaces were randomized in skirmish. (Issue #678)
  • Fixed crash when clicking Send on a skirmish bridge (Issue #679)