2012. december 23., vasárnap

Game version 0.95.121 released

Notable changes:

  • During spacewar, switching to chat on one panel while the other already shows chat will switch that chat panel to something else. [Issue #543]
  • Fixed chat when shooting at traders in the middle of a peaceful conversation not switching to flee text. [Issue #660, Issue #546, Issue #696]. (Luckily, it was just a missing case in the chat def)
  • Changed tank speeds, light tanks go faster and each newer tank gets slower. [Issue #589]
  • Fixed vehicle movement getting interrupted at each cell if the movement is linear (i.e., if the current target can be reached under 0.5 step, the remaining 0.5 worth of movement is deferred till the next step).
  • Changed the AI to build as many military spaceports as the player can afford with 50% money excess relative to the spaceport cost and autobuild limit. The equation is: spaceport_count = money / (spaceport_cost * 1.5 + autobuild_limit) + 1  [Issue #509]
  • You can make alliance with the Dargslan if you are extremely lucky. The war threshold has been lovered to 90. [Issue #561]
  • Changed vehicle firepower and HP. [Issue #574]
  • Added nicknames to ships [Issue #572]. These nicknames are listed in the players.xml file for each player. The nicknames/nickname entries reference a label.
  • Ships now register kill counts and kill values. Kill counts are visible in the ship information subpanel during spacewar, in the hp/dps box of an individual ship in equipment, and the total kills in the equipment screen totals area.
  • Moved the Sell button on the equipment screen further to the left to avoid accidental sell instead of remove. [Issue #621]
  • Added difficulty dependent ECM vs Anti-ECM hit probabilities along with probabilities that the scrambled rocket will target the same fleet it was fired from. (Note that the battle.xml structure changed, see battle.xsd for details). [Issue #607]
  • Fixed incorrect Hungarian subtitle. [Issue #634]
  • Added options to hide various panels on the starmap screen. [Issue #641]
  • Updated the Free Play version of the main campaign:
    • enabled Colony Ships for all parties
    • removed colonization limits from all parties
    • the human player now starts with a fleet with all ships and vehicles granted in the original through levels 1-5 (including Thorin).
  • Fixed missing parameters from diplomacy in Russian translation [Issue #704]
  • Added Orbital Factory as available tech to all non-human races in the Main campaign.
  • Added the ability to colonize a planet by clicking on the Colonize button, now shown when the planet is suitable (known to be empty). The AI assistance will produce military spaceport, orbital factory and the colony ships if necessary, deploys into new fleets and sends them to the targets. [Issue #296]
  • A few missing French button graphics added.
  • French graphics cleanup.

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