2013. április 25., csütörtök

Multiplayer started

I started working on the multiplayer. To simplify the development process, I designed the multiplayer setup screen with regular Java UI elements instead of Open-IG graphics.

Game organizers will be able to set up all game parameters similar to a skirmish game. AI players may be added to the game as well, which can be in the same group as the human players.

Game organizers may allow the client users to select their own properties: race, icon, traits and groups.

2013. április 3., szerda

Announcement: Permission received from DR


I'm happy to report that I signed a contract with Digital Reality (the original developers who own the rights to Imperium Galactica again) and I received the official permission to use the original Imperium Galactica resources in this Open Imperium Galactica project, and make them or any modified/derived resources freely downloadable from this site.

In other terms, Open Imperium Galactica is now a completely legal project and you, the users can freely and legally download and play the game.

Soon I'll compose a FAQ about the subtle details of this contract and how it affects the LGPL part of the project.