2013. május 9., csütörtök

Java 6 support to be dropped

I'm about to drop the Java 6 support in Open Imperium Galactica. This means the game won't run on Java 6 anymore, nor the source code will be compatible with Java 6.

The reason for this is twofold:

  • Java 7 language features allow me to write less code for the same purpose. This helps in maintaining and improving the game.
  • The official Oracle support for Java 6 has ended, which might leave your system vulnerable to Applet based exploits, not to mention the performance drawbacks.
The upcoming version 0.96 with the multiplayer will use Java 7 only. My expected delivery time is about 1 month from now. The change will affect the Launcher as well. Since Java 6 won't run Java 7 class files, I'll add a small Java 6 bootstrap code that warns the user about the version problem.

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