2013. augusztus 31., szombat

Game version 0.95.145 released

Notable changes:

  • Added button sounds to some colony info buttons. [Issue #723]
  • Added tooltip text to the auto-build settings on the colony info screen, explaining each settings. Note that due to the large tooltip, they might not be fully readable below 600 pixel window height.
  • New gameplay option: allow the AI managed planets to produce items, default true. Some expressed annoyance with the original always-true mode. Note that the AI will still deploy items available in the inventory.
  • AI: will build equipment factory to build radars to improve on exploration. [Issue #770]
  • AI: will build military spaceport much earlier.
  • Spacewar: fixed display of DPS, it no longer shows the fraction. [Issue #771]
  • Spacewar: fixed select all button selecting rockets and kamikaze units.
  • Modified diplomatic responses to allow positive AI answers to happen more likely.
  • Groundwar: Units and barracks now prefer the more damaged enemy units in their fire range.
  • Groundwar: Mines are now properly triggered by passing vehicles.
  • Fixed mission 17 - prototype not catcheable with Pre-Warp trait. [Issue #772]
  • Starmap: added indicator below the planets telling if there is an operational Military Spaceport on the planet:  . Due to lack of space, it is not shown on any of the information screens, and besides, it is meant to be a starmap aid.

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