2013. szeptember 2., hétfő

Game version 0.95.147 released

Notable changes:

  • Profile selection screen implemented.
    Existing profile can be selected either via typing in the name or clicking on the list entry. Double click or press ENTER to accept the selection (or click the button). You can't delete a profile from within the game, but you can delete the directory in the "save" subfolder manually.
  • Fixed satellite deployment/destruction related issues.
  • Fixed unit selection via SHIFT+Click not adding units to the selection.
  • Fixed some erratic fleet-AI behavior on higher game speeds.
  • Modified damage calculation to a sublinear function of the number of attackers in space battles. For example, attacking with 10 units with 100 dps/unit yields an effective 400 dps. This new behavior can be disabled in the open-ig-config.xml under the key "spacewarDiminishingAttach" set to false.

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