2014. február 21., péntek

Game version 0.95.163 released

Notable changes:

  • Added language selection panel to the main screen. The commands CTRL+1 .. CTRL+6 no longer works. You can open the panel by pressing L or clicking on the multi-flag image. Press ESC to cancel
  • Fixed keyboard commands not working after toggling full-screen mode several times. (Issue #834)
  • Fixed case when auto-upgrading a fleet of just fighters would delete the fleet and letting the inventory fighters disappear as well.
  • Fixed mission not completing when the player destroys the battleships in the Garthog fleet trying to invade Achilles on Level 2 (captain) and either losing the space battle or the Garthogs retreat. (Issue #797)
  • Added ability to rename planets (and fleets) on the starmap. You can rename every planet and fleet, including the enemy's. To do so, double click on the name in the info panel. Use ENTER, ESC complete editing. If you managed to delete a planet's name completely, press BACKSPACE again to restore it to the default planet name. Note that the campaign will still refer to the main planets such as Achilles by its original name. (Issue #801)

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