2014. március 19., szerda

Game version 0.95.171 released

Notable changes:

  • [Skirmish] Ability to set a base tax and tax scaling in skirmish games. Base tax is the amount each player receives on a daily basis. Tax scaling increases the planetary tax value by some percent. The total tax income is then calculated as follows: Tax = Base Tax + Tax Scale * sum(planet tax). Tip: you can hold SHIFT while clicking on the arrows to increase/decrease the value faster.
  • Removed Load/Save buttons from the skirmish screen until they get implemented.
  • [Skirmish] Added the ability to choose one starting planet; the other starting planets are chosen from nearby planets. Click on the planet icon to bring up the starmap panel. Left click to select a planet, right click to clear selection. If the same planet is selected by multiple players, the first one gets the planet, the others will get a random planet.
  • [AI] AI space-discovery pattern has been changed to be more like a circular pattern around its empire.
  • [AI] Fixed AI colonizing planets all the time.
  • [Modding] Added tax-base and tax-scale to players.xml, which lets define the tax parameters mentioned above for a campaign game. Future updates may set this value in the main campaign to help with the economy balance.
  • [UI] Fixed info panel showing the selected research name when switching from inventions tab to financial info tab instead of the current planet's name.

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