2014. május 26., hétfő

Game version 0.95.175 released

First of all, I'm sorry for the inactive period and the large backlog of features and fixes. Unfortunately, I did not have the time or the means to progress on most of the issues.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash when trying to load a skirmish game with generated planets from different language.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load a save created with a modded game and not having the necessary building availability.
  • Introduced a new tab in the skirmish screen called Other settings with the following new and moved properties:
    • Allow unlimited labs
    • Allow unlimited factories
    • New: Allow unlimited economic buildings
    • New: Allow all kinds of buildings for all players. This will allow non-human races to build human buildings that were missing from their build set. Note however that the building images are the same as for the human race because the project doesn't have a graphics designer to draw something race-looking.
  • Added open-ig-config.xml option aiAllowUpgrades to force the AI build new buildings instead of upgrading existing ones so it doesn't spend so much money on diminishing returns. This was especially problematic with buildings of basic colony needs.
  • Fixed visual problems with open-ig-config.xml option useStandardFonts settings: text boundary should now be correctly calculated.
  • Fixed radar working even if it was under construction, damaged or unpowered (Issue #848)