2014. szeptember 1., hétfő

Game version 0.95.181 released

Notable changes:

  • Due to changes in the game data, some skirmish saves might not load properly or units may disappear. The changes, however, should not affect any campaign saves.
  • Minimum memory requirement increased to 832 MB.
  • [Launcher] Added option to select Spanish game language. Translation is still forthcoming.
  • [Translation] Thanks to X22, some Spanish images have been translated. [Issue #850]
  • [UI] Fixed crash when pressing PgDown and the current planet is not owned by the player. [Issue #882]
  • [UI] Fixed the swap of Russian letters T and У in 7px font. [Issue #881]
  • [Balance] Reordered the extra skirmish-alien ships to better fit with the the campaign ships' hp/dps/cost values and fixed their prices. [Issue #880]
  • [Tech] Fixed missing technology availability for alien ships in skirmish. [Issue #880]
  • [UI] Fixed equipment screen not showing the +++ auto upgrade button if fighters were available in inventory but the current fleet had 0 of them.
  • [UI] Fixed equipment screen showing medium and large ships overlapped.
  • [Gameplay] The Spycenter building is now hidden by default in the main campaign and skirmish below level 6. Once the spying is implemented it will be made visible again.
  • Memory optimizations for skirmish games when playing with only some of the campaign races.

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