2014. november 23., vasárnap

Game version 0.95.202 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed wrong subtitle text in the Hungarian win video. (Issue #910)
  • Fixed the +++ button not filling up the available vehicle count with vehicles (Issues #905)
  • AI ships no longer stay in one place if the player attacked a planet the enemy fleet is next to.

2014. november 12., szerda

Launcher version 0.44 released

Notable changes:

  • More Spanish translation. Thanks X22Sec! [Issue #889]
  • Fixed missing translations. [Issue #906]
  • Release notes are now listed in the Launcher.

2014. november 7., péntek

Game version 0.95.201 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash due invalid diplomatic relation entries caused by Mission 4. [Issue #902]
  • Fixed NPE caused by losing mouse status information due desktop switch/UAC.
  • [AI] AI will build ground cannons without unnecessary delays.
  • [AI] AI will upgrade static defenses without unnecessary delays.
  • [Groundwar] Fixed unit movement sometimes not correctly rotated into the movement direction.
  • [Balance] Increased ground cannon damage against fighters.

Game version 0.95.200 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash in Mission 4 (two pirates).
  • Added hp-skirmish attribute to battle.xml settings under space-entities/tech to allow specifying the hitpoints of the entry in skirmish games.
  • Added space-skirmish attribute to battle.xml settings under buildins/hitpoints to allow specifying the hitpoints of a building in skirmish games.
  • Halved the hitpoints of Space station 2, Space station 3, Plasma projector, Particle Projector and Meson projector in the campaign. For example, 3 Space station 3s with 5 Meson Projectors and a Hypershield will whitstand a full strength Dargslan attack by a margin of 25%, i.e., 2 structures will survive the encounter generally while the attacker is mostly destroyed.
  • [AI] Fixed AI sending ill-equipped fleets to attack.
  • [Campaign] Fixed some skirmish ships to be available to alien races during the campaign.

2014. november 5., szerda

Game version 0.95.199 released

Notable changes:

  • [Spacewar] Fixed Trader AI causing some problems with 3-way space battles (crash, wrong chat).
  • [AI] Increased the initial money of aliens to 100,000 cr in the campaign to to better jump-start their economy.
  • [AI] AI no longer produces items on level 1 in the campaign.
  • [Cheats] Switching to other races in the campaign stops the main mission timers (helps greatly when debugging).
  • [Cheats] CTRL+SHIFT+W destroys all enemy structures in spacewar (except Trader ships).
  • [AI] Fixed ordering of planets with issues (somehow, it was reversed and the AI operated on the planet with the best conditions, not the worst one).
  • [AI] Fixed AI unable to build a power plant if the missing energy was above the capacity of available power plant types.

2014. november 4., kedd

Game version 0.95.198 released

Notable changes:

  • [Missions] Fixed mission timer warning. [Issue #897]
  • [UI] Added key bindings comma (,) and dot(.) to +1 and -1 the currently selected equipment on the equipment screen. [Issue #896]
  • [AI] Changed the logic how power plants are selected for build. Now it will try to match the demand instead of building the cheapest outright.
  • [AI] The AI now aggressively builds morale buildings.
  • [AI] AI now switches to higher tax rate more eagerly.
  • [UI] The current money tooltip now displays the last day's total income.
  • [Balance] Alien Police now has only two levels of upgrade and reduced police coverage.
  • [Balance] Water waporators now have only two upgrade levels.
  • [AI] Fixed the fleet upgrade logic incorrectly assessing medium ship strengths.
  • [Balance] Reduced the research cost of the first alien battleship, fixed lab requirement to be 1 of each.
  • [AI] The AI now builds the military spaceports and factories much later, freeing up money in the early game.
  • [Balance] Reduced the Ychom Minelayer's movement speed by 50%.
  • [Balance] Increased the carry capacity of Garthog Battleships by 20-25% to compensate for the lack of special attack unit (radar jammer is pretty useless) in skirmish games.

2014. október 31., péntek

Game version 0.95.197 released

Notable changes:

  • [Groundwar] Added the ability to retreat from ground battle if the player is the attacker. Look for the retreat button above the zoom button. You need to click twice to confirm the retreat or right click to cancel and continue the ground battle, just like in the spacewar screen. [Issue #673]
  • [UI] Ability to strip the selected ship of equipment on the Equipment screen via the S key. You may need to deselect any equipment slot on the right panel.
  • [UI] Show how much of each equipment needs to be produced to fully upgrade the currently selected fleet or planet by pressing the U key (toggle). The small panel is displayed on the right side below the ship image. You may need to deselect any equipment slot to see the panel (or hide the fleets listing and not transferring between two fleets). For example, your 2 of 3 Destroyers lack Shield 1. You have 1 in inventory and the panel shows you need to produce 1. Let's say you researched Shield 2; the panel now indicates you need to produce 3.
  • [UI] In the planets list table, whenever the last column shows the number and upgrade level of certain building types, the text coloring (after the stars) now indicate if yellow: not all buildings are upgraded to the same level; red: buildings are nonoperational for some reason.