2016. január 26., kedd

Game version 0.95.206 released

Notable changes:

  • [UI] Walking around the ship now uses custom mouse cursors. Thanks @p-smith!
  • [UI] Scaled spacewar screen now properly displays mouse cursor over objects. Thanks @Zalewa

2015. március 25., szerda

Game version 0.95.205 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed error in case the user and the auto-build removed a building at the same time. (Issue #920)
  • [Simulation] Fixed tax and population calculation resulting in NaN to prevent proper planet death and causing other calculations to go haywire. (Issue #921)
  • [UI] Fixed the continue button to be properly enabled/disabled after profile change. (Issue #922)

2015. március 16., hétfő

Game version 0.95.204 released

Notable changes:
  • Updated links in the game and other tools to point to the new GitHub page.

Project migration

Due to the closing of Google Code, the project's sources have been moved to https://github.com/akarnokd/open-ig and the project files to Google Drive.

The Launcher may or may not automatically pick up the new location so players are advised to download a the new launcher manually:


2014. december 17., szerda

Game version 0.95.203 released

Notable changes:

  • [Trade] Fixed planet selection box not working. The box lists all player planets and depending on the item type, it may display "No room" for spaceports and "No mil. spaceport" for ships and fighters. [Issue #913]

2014. november 23., vasárnap

Game version 0.95.202 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed wrong subtitle text in the Hungarian win video. (Issue #910)
  • Fixed the +++ button not filling up the available vehicle count with vehicles (Issues #905)
  • AI ships no longer stay in one place if the player attacked a planet the enemy fleet is next to.

2014. november 12., szerda

Launcher version 0.44 released

Notable changes:

  • More Spanish translation. Thanks X22Sec! [Issue #889]
  • Fixed missing translations. [Issue #906]
  • Release notes are now listed in the Launcher.