2014. március 25., kedd

Game version 0.95.172 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed weather audio playing even if the weather effects are turned off
  • Added more units to the Garthog Empire (available in skirmish)
    • Fighter Mk1 - Mk4 to be in par with the human fighters 3-6; note that Mk1 is level 3 tech and the AI might research it in the main campaign.
    • Destroyer Mk1 - Mk4 to match the Destroyers and Cruisers
    • Battleship Mk1 - Mk3 available from level 4.
    • Both Fighter Mk1 and Battleship Mk1 require minimal research labs to allow replacing the very low-performing default garthog fighter and battleship
    • The following table shows a comparison between the various units. Numbers aren't final but require extensive testing to see if they are adequate

Ship typeHumanGarthog
Fighter 152005200
Fighter 210300--
Fighter 320400Mk 120420
Fighter 420500Mk 220520
Fighter 530600Mk 330620
Fighter 630700Mk 430720
Destroyer 190810301000
Destroyer 21501350--
Cruiser 12302400Mk 11803125
Destroyer 34106075Mk 23906075
Cruiser 24356400Mk 34707975
Cruiser 3112011200Mk 4108012800
Battleship 144056001303500
Mk 14306400
Battleship 260014400Mk 268013600
Battleship 3120019200Mk 3120020800

    • Since there is no multiplayer, you may test it via skirmish by pitting Garthog against other races in normal relation, build up both sides with the help of cheats (switch player by selecting a planet and pressing CTRL+P) and attack.

2014. március 19., szerda

Game version 0.95.171 released

Notable changes:

  • [Skirmish] Ability to set a base tax and tax scaling in skirmish games. Base tax is the amount each player receives on a daily basis. Tax scaling increases the planetary tax value by some percent. The total tax income is then calculated as follows: Tax = Base Tax + Tax Scale * sum(planet tax). Tip: you can hold SHIFT while clicking on the arrows to increase/decrease the value faster.
  • Removed Load/Save buttons from the skirmish screen until they get implemented.
  • [Skirmish] Added the ability to choose one starting planet; the other starting planets are chosen from nearby planets. Click on the planet icon to bring up the starmap panel. Left click to select a planet, right click to clear selection. If the same planet is selected by multiple players, the first one gets the planet, the others will get a random planet.
  • [AI] AI space-discovery pattern has been changed to be more like a circular pattern around its empire.
  • [AI] Fixed AI colonizing planets all the time.
  • [Modding] Added tax-base and tax-scale to players.xml, which lets define the tax parameters mentioned above for a campaign game. Future updates may set this value in the main campaign to help with the economy balance.
  • [UI] Fixed info panel showing the selected research name when switching from inventions tab to financial info tab instead of the current planet's name.

2014. március 18., kedd

Game version 0.95.170 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed cheat key overlapping. CTRL+SHIFT+G now gives 100,000 credits, CTRL+SHIFT+J creates diplomatic money requests from all alien races.
  • Minor adjustment to AI target planet selection: only defensive value is considered instead of total planet value.
  • Modified satellite survival time to be proportional to its cost and reverse proportional to difficulty. This means, for example, that playing on hard grants 4x the TTL to AI satellites as to player satellites.
  • Limit the rate that AI will deploy its spy satellites, reducing the money drain.
  • Refinement of the AI spending behavior; now it favors cheaper buildings, produces less at once.
  • Fixed AI not properly accounting building action costs when making decisions (i.e., subsequent planners thought the money is still there).
  • In skirmish, choosing some initial colony ships will add basic satellites to inventory as well (helps the AI mostly).
  • Enabled Trade Center for alien races affecting skirmish; since they are not allowed to build banks and spaceport, their economy is quite slow to build up in some cases.

2014. március 11., kedd

Game version 0.95.169 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed cases when the player could receive diplomatic messages and enter the diplomacy room from lower levels, blocking regular messages and causing crashes (Issue #842)
  • Reworked the automatic battle to consider rockets/bombs as one-time defense reduction option. This should help in AI vs. AI background battles. (Issue #843)
  • Reworked AI attack behavior: (Issue #843, Issue #796)
    • target planet selection process to choose the low valued planets instead of high valued planets 60% of the time. (The previous logic chose the most valuable enemy planet which was futile most of the time since it was likely the target had good defenses).
    • AI will react to a lost planet much faster
    • AI will possibly attack with multiple fleets at once and potentially multiple targets on normal or above difficulty
    • AI will place tanks on newly conquered/colonized planets immediately by removing 1-1 tank from its other planets; on all difficulties.
  • Further French translation fixes from Benjamin Grosjean. Thanks! (Issue #645)
  • Fixed campaign start video not playing on non English/Hungarian language settings.

2014. március 10., hétfő

Game version 0.95.168 released

Notable changes:

  • Audio notification when a new diplomatic offer arrives  (Issue #823)
  • Fixed: mission stuck/not marked as completed if the player manages to destroy the attacking Garthog fleet's capital ships but otherwise loses the space battle. (Issue #841)

2014. március 3., hétfő

Game version 0.95.167 released

Notable changes:

  • Language selection in the main menu now works better with mouse; clicking outside the panel will now hide the panel.
  • Added detail listing option to Info Screen (F7) planets view. Click on the button with left or right click to toggle various options:
    • Problems
    • Lab
    • Traders spaceport
    • Banks
    • Trade center (available even if you haven't yet researched/found the building, didn't bother)
    • Spaceship factory
    • Equipment factory
    • Weapon factory
    • Barracks-like buildings
    • Guns
  • In the building list above, red name indicates an inoperable building. The number in parenthesis shows the total count of the building; if yellow, it means there are multiple types of that building (e.g., Barrack + Fortress) and the listing shows the most advanced building name. (Issue #810)
  • Fixed crash when due to planet names with multiple number segments.
  • Changed how excess police affects morale on planets. Changed morale calculation to be limited to 75% on planets with alien race compared to the owner race. (Issue #840)