2014. március 3., hétfő

Game version 0.95.167 released

Notable changes:

  • Language selection in the main menu now works better with mouse; clicking outside the panel will now hide the panel.
  • Added detail listing option to Info Screen (F7) planets view. Click on the button with left or right click to toggle various options:
    • Problems
    • Lab
    • Traders spaceport
    • Banks
    • Trade center (available even if you haven't yet researched/found the building, didn't bother)
    • Spaceship factory
    • Equipment factory
    • Weapon factory
    • Barracks-like buildings
    • Guns
  • In the building list above, red name indicates an inoperable building. The number in parenthesis shows the total count of the building; if yellow, it means there are multiple types of that building (e.g., Barrack + Fortress) and the listing shows the most advanced building name. (Issue #810)
  • Fixed crash when due to planet names with multiple number segments.
  • Changed how excess police affects morale on planets. Changed morale calculation to be limited to 75% on planets with alien race compared to the owner race. (Issue #840)

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