2014. március 11., kedd

Game version 0.95.169 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed cases when the player could receive diplomatic messages and enter the diplomacy room from lower levels, blocking regular messages and causing crashes (Issue #842)
  • Reworked the automatic battle to consider rockets/bombs as one-time defense reduction option. This should help in AI vs. AI background battles. (Issue #843)
  • Reworked AI attack behavior: (Issue #843, Issue #796)
    • target planet selection process to choose the low valued planets instead of high valued planets 60% of the time. (The previous logic chose the most valuable enemy planet which was futile most of the time since it was likely the target had good defenses).
    • AI will react to a lost planet much faster
    • AI will possibly attack with multiple fleets at once and potentially multiple targets on normal or above difficulty
    • AI will place tanks on newly conquered/colonized planets immediately by removing 1-1 tank from its other planets; on all difficulties.
  • Further French translation fixes from Benjamin Grosjean. Thanks! (Issue #645)
  • Fixed campaign start video not playing on non English/Hungarian language settings.

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