2014. március 18., kedd

Game version 0.95.170 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed cheat key overlapping. CTRL+SHIFT+G now gives 100,000 credits, CTRL+SHIFT+J creates diplomatic money requests from all alien races.
  • Minor adjustment to AI target planet selection: only defensive value is considered instead of total planet value.
  • Modified satellite survival time to be proportional to its cost and reverse proportional to difficulty. This means, for example, that playing on hard grants 4x the TTL to AI satellites as to player satellites.
  • Limit the rate that AI will deploy its spy satellites, reducing the money drain.
  • Refinement of the AI spending behavior; now it favors cheaper buildings, produces less at once.
  • Fixed AI not properly accounting building action costs when making decisions (i.e., subsequent planners thought the money is still there).
  • In skirmish, choosing some initial colony ships will add basic satellites to inventory as well (helps the AI mostly).
  • Enabled Trade Center for alien races affecting skirmish; since they are not allowed to build banks and spaceport, their economy is quite slow to build up in some cases.

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