2014. július 30., szerda

Game version 0.95.179 released

Notable changes:

  • [Translation] Thanks to X22, the russian text, subtitles and images are now way better. [Issue #863]
  • [Cursors] Thanks to Bajor "Danyetz" Dániel, spacewar and groundwar cursors have been implemented. Using custom cursors is enabled by default and can be disabled in the Settings / Mouse screen. [Issue #187]
  • [Spacewar] Rockets and bombs have now a default 30 ingame second time-to-live. This should help in situations where the rocket would land in a stable orbit around a target, preventing the spacewar to finish. [Issue #867]
  • The trade screen has been implemented. Accessible via F12 or from the top right dropdown menu. The screen is accessible from all game modes, including the campaign. The economic model is quite simple: twice the cost of the production of the item and any equipment they hold. The list is regenerated every 3 ingame days and contains a randomized set of 75% of the available technology. Medium and capital ships have randomly generated equipment. [Issue #315]
  • [Technology, Skirmish, UI] All alien races now have additional fighters, destroyers and battleships which can be utilized in skirmish games. Many related UI errors have been fixed. [Issue #865]
  • [UI] Navigating between the planets via keyboard cursor keys and PgUp/PgDown on the Information / Planets screen is now working properly. [Issue #]
  • [Skirmish] Banks are now limited to 1 per planet even if unlimited economic building option was selected. [Issue #860, Issue #868]
  • [AI] AI no longer spends money on building upgrades when there is plenty of room to build a new building. [Issue #858]
  • [Achievements] Some achievements have been modified to be only attainable in the main campaign. [Issue #870]

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