2014. szeptember 10., szerda

Game version 0.95.190 released

Notable changes:

  • [AI] some fine tuning in the colony management.
  • [Render] Added textCacheSize option to the open-ig-config.xml which enables the text rendering cache if not zero. Suggested value is between 1024 and 2048, but requires at least 1GB of memory (set via Xmx or in the launcher). When set, rendering the starmap screen when lots of planets are visible is more efficient.
  • Added CTRL+F shortcut to display the times between frames (BF) and in-frames (IF) in milliseconds. The BF indicates the general refresh rate and the IF indicates how much time is spent computing/rendering a particular frame.
Why is the game barely making 30/60 frames per second? It depends on how many rendering instruction is sent to the underlying DirectX/OpenGL adaptor inside Java. There is so much overhead to cross the Java-native boundary that rendering lots of small images (i.e., each letter of a colored text) takes noticeable amount of time. The text rendering cache mentioned above helps by caching the text rendered into one image and reusing it when possible. Even though this takes more data to be trasferred to the GPU, it is far faster because now it uses only 1 instruction to do it instead of 20 or so. With the text rendering cache, the IF value on my machine fell from 12ms to 6ms, 

The second pain point is the colony screen. Although you don't see the entire surface, rendering speed is barely 30 frames per second, even lower at sunrise or sunset. One half of the cause is the radar panel. The radar needs to render the entire surface, scaled down, not just the visible part: it practically multiplies the number of rendering instructions. You can see the dramatic effect if you watch the times above (CTRL+F) and toggle the panel. The second cause is the way day-night rendering is implemented. Since Java2D doesn't offer pixel shaders, the rendering needs to create a darkened image of each building and surface tile, then upload it to the GPU. The image generation is super fast, but the upload is really slow: about 200MB image data in the worst case needs to be transferred to the GPU, but since PCIe speed is limited (250/500/1000 MB/s), it can take several hundred milliseconds to do it, which translates to 5-10 frames per second. To help this case, the game offers tile caching for some time now which can be setup outside the game in the Settings / Other... dialog.

2014. szeptember 9., kedd

Game version 0.95.189 released

Notable changes:

  • [Crash] Fixed rare case when fleet doesn't have a name when its owner changes due the race surrendering.
  • [AI] Modified the AI to not spam economic buildings an colony ships in skirmish when unlimited buildings are enabled.

Game version 0.95.188 released

Notable changes:

  • [Technology] Fixed Garthog and a few other races' Destroyers to allow using Laser 1. [Issue #887]

2014. szeptember 8., hétfő

Game version 0.95.187 released

Notable changes:

  • [AI] Fixed AI not researching in certain skirmish settings.
  • [Skirmish] Added the option to restart the skirmish game from the beginning. To do so, go to the Options/Load-save and click on the Restart button.

2014. szeptember 5., péntek

Game version 0.95.186 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed NPE when saving a game due to missing/removed technology in the inventory.

Game version 0.95.185 released

Notable changes:

  • [Technology] Fixed campaign Dargslan Destroyer's hyperdrive.
  • [UI] Fixed spacewar and groundwar screens to support AI vs AI battles: they skip the formation selection and deployment position selection part.
  • [UI] The battle summary panel automatically closes after 15 seconds in AI vs AI battles.
  • [AI] Fixed AI retreating from defensive space battles and causing the battle summary to display the wrong message.

2014. szeptember 4., csütörtök

Game version 0.95.184 released

Notable changes:

  • [Technology] Fixed crash while loading a campaign save where the aliens were researching technology that is no longer available for the campaign. [Issue #885]
  • [AI] Changed the attack planning to wait for full-strength fleet before attacking.

2014. szeptember 2., kedd

Game version 0.95.183 released

Notable changes:

  • [Saves] Fixed loading earlier saves which may contain technology references no longer allowed by the campaign (such as the skirmish only additional alien ships). [Issue #884]
  • [Balance] Limited the number of Barrack/Stronghold total count to 5 per planet because spamming these resulted in a unconquerable planet.
  • Videos such as full screen cutscenes and bridge messages can now be unlocked. The Videos screen accessible from the main menu now lists only these unlocked videos in order they were unlocked.

Game version 0.95.182 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed Morgath Destroyer, Morgath Battleship and Sullep Fighter B having zero lab requirements.
  • Fixed research getting stuck if the research requires a total of zero labs.

2014. szeptember 1., hétfő

Game version 0.95.181 released

Notable changes:

  • Due to changes in the game data, some skirmish saves might not load properly or units may disappear. The changes, however, should not affect any campaign saves.
  • Minimum memory requirement increased to 832 MB.
  • [Launcher] Added option to select Spanish game language. Translation is still forthcoming.
  • [Translation] Thanks to X22, some Spanish images have been translated. [Issue #850]
  • [UI] Fixed crash when pressing PgDown and the current planet is not owned by the player. [Issue #882]
  • [UI] Fixed the swap of Russian letters T and У in 7px font. [Issue #881]
  • [Balance] Reordered the extra skirmish-alien ships to better fit with the the campaign ships' hp/dps/cost values and fixed their prices. [Issue #880]
  • [Tech] Fixed missing technology availability for alien ships in skirmish. [Issue #880]
  • [UI] Fixed equipment screen not showing the +++ auto upgrade button if fighters were available in inventory but the current fleet had 0 of them.
  • [UI] Fixed equipment screen showing medium and large ships overlapped.
  • [Gameplay] The Spycenter building is now hidden by default in the main campaign and skirmish below level 6. Once the spying is implemented it will be made visible again.
  • Memory optimizations for skirmish games when playing with only some of the campaign races.