2014. október 31., péntek

Game version 0.95.197 released

Notable changes:

  • [Groundwar] Added the ability to retreat from ground battle if the player is the attacker. Look for the retreat button above the zoom button. You need to click twice to confirm the retreat or right click to cancel and continue the ground battle, just like in the spacewar screen. [Issue #673]
  • [UI] Ability to strip the selected ship of equipment on the Equipment screen via the S key. You may need to deselect any equipment slot on the right panel.
  • [UI] Show how much of each equipment needs to be produced to fully upgrade the currently selected fleet or planet by pressing the U key (toggle). The small panel is displayed on the right side below the ship image. You may need to deselect any equipment slot to see the panel (or hide the fleets listing and not transferring between two fleets). For example, your 2 of 3 Destroyers lack Shield 1. You have 1 in inventory and the panel shows you need to produce 1. Let's say you researched Shield 2; the panel now indicates you need to produce 3.
  • [UI] In the planets list table, whenever the last column shows the number and upgrade level of certain building types, the text coloring (after the stars) now indicate if yellow: not all buildings are upgraded to the same level; red: buildings are nonoperational for some reason.

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