2014. november 23., vasárnap

Game version 0.95.202 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed wrong subtitle text in the Hungarian win video. (Issue #910)
  • Fixed the +++ button not filling up the available vehicle count with vehicles (Issues #905)
  • AI ships no longer stay in one place if the player attacked a planet the enemy fleet is next to.

2014. november 12., szerda

Launcher version 0.44 released

Notable changes:

  • More Spanish translation. Thanks X22Sec! [Issue #889]
  • Fixed missing translations. [Issue #906]
  • Release notes are now listed in the Launcher.

2014. november 7., péntek

Game version 0.95.201 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash due invalid diplomatic relation entries caused by Mission 4. [Issue #902]
  • Fixed NPE caused by losing mouse status information due desktop switch/UAC.
  • [AI] AI will build ground cannons without unnecessary delays.
  • [AI] AI will upgrade static defenses without unnecessary delays.
  • [Groundwar] Fixed unit movement sometimes not correctly rotated into the movement direction.
  • [Balance] Increased ground cannon damage against fighters.

Game version 0.95.200 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash in Mission 4 (two pirates).
  • Added hp-skirmish attribute to battle.xml settings under space-entities/tech to allow specifying the hitpoints of the entry in skirmish games.
  • Added space-skirmish attribute to battle.xml settings under buildins/hitpoints to allow specifying the hitpoints of a building in skirmish games.
  • Halved the hitpoints of Space station 2, Space station 3, Plasma projector, Particle Projector and Meson projector in the campaign. For example, 3 Space station 3s with 5 Meson Projectors and a Hypershield will whitstand a full strength Dargslan attack by a margin of 25%, i.e., 2 structures will survive the encounter generally while the attacker is mostly destroyed.
  • [AI] Fixed AI sending ill-equipped fleets to attack.
  • [Campaign] Fixed some skirmish ships to be available to alien races during the campaign.

2014. november 5., szerda

Game version 0.95.199 released

Notable changes:

  • [Spacewar] Fixed Trader AI causing some problems with 3-way space battles (crash, wrong chat).
  • [AI] Increased the initial money of aliens to 100,000 cr in the campaign to to better jump-start their economy.
  • [AI] AI no longer produces items on level 1 in the campaign.
  • [Cheats] Switching to other races in the campaign stops the main mission timers (helps greatly when debugging).
  • [Cheats] CTRL+SHIFT+W destroys all enemy structures in spacewar (except Trader ships).
  • [AI] Fixed ordering of planets with issues (somehow, it was reversed and the AI operated on the planet with the best conditions, not the worst one).
  • [AI] Fixed AI unable to build a power plant if the missing energy was above the capacity of available power plant types.

2014. november 4., kedd

Game version 0.95.198 released

Notable changes:

  • [Missions] Fixed mission timer warning. [Issue #897]
  • [UI] Added key bindings comma (,) and dot(.) to +1 and -1 the currently selected equipment on the equipment screen. [Issue #896]
  • [AI] Changed the logic how power plants are selected for build. Now it will try to match the demand instead of building the cheapest outright.
  • [AI] The AI now aggressively builds morale buildings.
  • [AI] AI now switches to higher tax rate more eagerly.
  • [UI] The current money tooltip now displays the last day's total income.
  • [Balance] Alien Police now has only two levels of upgrade and reduced police coverage.
  • [Balance] Water waporators now have only two upgrade levels.
  • [AI] Fixed the fleet upgrade logic incorrectly assessing medium ship strengths.
  • [Balance] Reduced the research cost of the first alien battleship, fixed lab requirement to be 1 of each.
  • [AI] The AI now builds the military spaceports and factories much later, freeing up money in the early game.
  • [Balance] Reduced the Ychom Minelayer's movement speed by 50%.
  • [Balance] Increased the carry capacity of Garthog Battleships by 20-25% to compensate for the lack of special attack unit (radar jammer is pretty useless) in skirmish games.