2014. november 4., kedd

Game version 0.95.198 released

Notable changes:

  • [Missions] Fixed mission timer warning. [Issue #897]
  • [UI] Added key bindings comma (,) and dot(.) to +1 and -1 the currently selected equipment on the equipment screen. [Issue #896]
  • [AI] Changed the logic how power plants are selected for build. Now it will try to match the demand instead of building the cheapest outright.
  • [AI] The AI now aggressively builds morale buildings.
  • [AI] AI now switches to higher tax rate more eagerly.
  • [UI] The current money tooltip now displays the last day's total income.
  • [Balance] Alien Police now has only two levels of upgrade and reduced police coverage.
  • [Balance] Water waporators now have only two upgrade levels.
  • [AI] Fixed the fleet upgrade logic incorrectly assessing medium ship strengths.
  • [Balance] Reduced the research cost of the first alien battleship, fixed lab requirement to be 1 of each.
  • [AI] The AI now builds the military spaceports and factories much later, freeing up money in the early game.
  • [Balance] Reduced the Ychom Minelayer's movement speed by 50%.
  • [Balance] Increased the carry capacity of Garthog Battleships by 20-25% to compensate for the lack of special attack unit (radar jammer is pretty useless) in skirmish games.

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