2014. november 5., szerda

Game version 0.95.199 released

Notable changes:

  • [Spacewar] Fixed Trader AI causing some problems with 3-way space battles (crash, wrong chat).
  • [AI] Increased the initial money of aliens to 100,000 cr in the campaign to to better jump-start their economy.
  • [AI] AI no longer produces items on level 1 in the campaign.
  • [Cheats] Switching to other races in the campaign stops the main mission timers (helps greatly when debugging).
  • [Cheats] CTRL+SHIFT+W destroys all enemy structures in spacewar (except Trader ships).
  • [AI] Fixed ordering of planets with issues (somehow, it was reversed and the AI operated on the planet with the best conditions, not the worst one).
  • [AI] Fixed AI unable to build a power plant if the missing energy was above the capacity of available power plant types.

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