2013. augusztus 31., szombat

Game version 0.95.146 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed transfer of Fighters incorrectly changing the counts. [Issue #773]
  • Fixed selling fighters not reducing the fleet numbers. [Issue #773]
  • Fixed French text for the antidote-trader spacewar chat. [Issue #645]
  • Skirmish: The starting fleet now has one equipped radar if the technology settings allow it.
  • AI: AI will now build spaceship factory earlier; satellites will be produced much sooner, allowing earlier colonization.

Game version 0.95.145 released

Notable changes:

  • Added button sounds to some colony info buttons. [Issue #723]
  • Added tooltip text to the auto-build settings on the colony info screen, explaining each settings. Note that due to the large tooltip, they might not be fully readable below 600 pixel window height.
  • New gameplay option: allow the AI managed planets to produce items, default true. Some expressed annoyance with the original always-true mode. Note that the AI will still deploy items available in the inventory.
  • AI: will build equipment factory to build radars to improve on exploration. [Issue #770]
  • AI: will build military spaceport much earlier.
  • Spacewar: fixed display of DPS, it no longer shows the fraction. [Issue #771]
  • Spacewar: fixed select all button selecting rockets and kamikaze units.
  • Modified diplomatic responses to allow positive AI answers to happen more likely.
  • Groundwar: Units and barracks now prefer the more damaged enemy units in their fire range.
  • Groundwar: Mines are now properly triggered by passing vehicles.
  • Fixed mission 17 - prototype not catcheable with Pre-Warp trait. [Issue #772]
  • Starmap: added indicator below the planets telling if there is an operational Military Spaceport on the planet:  . Due to lack of space, it is not shown on any of the information screens, and besides, it is meant to be a starmap aid.

2013. augusztus 30., péntek

Game version 0.95.144 released

Notable changes:

  • Use PgUp and PgDown keys to jump between planets. [Issue #721]
  • Fixed auto-colonization not working properly.
  • Modified vehicle pathfinding to reduce the number of turn-arounds when the command was issued in-between two cells.
  • Fixed AI patrol not moving anywhere and producing small zig-zag like movements.
  • Fixed database screen's information button: now it opens the planet list instead of alien races.
  • Fixed the production line's button tooltips.

2013. augusztus 28., szerda

Game version 0.95.143 released

Notable changes:

  • Reduced speed of Garthog virus carriers in case the player has the Pre-Warp trait. [Issue #736]
  • Changed rocket movement to avoid the stable-orbit around a target. [Issue #766]

Game version 0.95.142 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed Pre-Warp trait not properly disabling hyperdrives. [Issue #764]
  • Fixed traders not catcheable on levels 1 and 2 if Pre-Warp trait was enabled [Issue #736]
  • Fixed equipment showing actual numbers > 0 even if the slot was empty. [Issue #764]
  • Fixed NPE when finishing a fleet split [Issue #765]
  • Fixed AI Managed planets overfill vehicles if the player changed the vehicle mix manually. [Issue #763]

2013. augusztus 27., kedd

Game version 0.95.141 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed AI trying to remove the same building multiple times [Issue #762]
  • Fixed earthquake occurrence time to be the ingame-time instead of the total time (which includes pauses).
  • Fixed earthquake damage over time for non-default game speeds.

2013. augusztus 24., szombat

Game version 0.95.140 released

Somehow, I always find some additional bugs after just releasing a version.

  • Fixed auto-colonization not available until the colony ship has been researched even if there was a colony ship in fleet.
  • Fixed fleet movement-task tracking related issues, interfering with scripting and auto-colonization.

Game version 0.95.139 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed auto-colonization not using existing colony ships at the start of the skirmish
  • Colony ships are no longer added to the starting fleet, but only to separate fleets.

Game version 0.95.138 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed several bug preventing the AI to upgrade its fleet or colonize planets. [Issue #758]

2013. augusztus 20., kedd

Game version 0.95.137 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed ship transfer again: moving ships between fleets now retains all equipment, statistics and health information.

2013. augusztus 18., vasárnap

2013. augusztus 17., szombat

Game version 0.95.135 released

The project has still players! Fantastic.

Notable changes:

  • Fixed issue with adding larger ships to fleets or stations to planets. [Issue #755]

Game version 0.95.134 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed crash due invalid current research [Issue #754]

Game version 0.95.133 released

Notable changes

  • Fixed issue with attacking other fleets [Issue #753]

Game version 0.95.132 released

Notable changes:

  • Fixed some campaign start and game load issues. Should fix the cases where attacking enemy planets wouldn't work.
  • Fixed the Coffee Break achievement and Oldest Man achievements

2013. augusztus 16., péntek

Game version 0.95.131 released

First of all, sorry for the delay. My last few months of professional life was so intense, it drained all my enthusiasm and energy from Open IG. The current release is just a couple of easy-fixes:

  • If the player goes into a trade agreement with another empire, the Trader ships travel to those planets as well (cosmetic) [Issue #596]
  • Intro English subtitle corrections [Issue #725]
  • Fixed crash when ship-walking on level 4 [Issue #727]
  • Fixed the research tip on lab reorganization [Issue #733]
  • Fixed earthquake frequency [Issue #737]
  • Fixed hyperdrive availability problem in case of the Pre-Hyperdrive trait [Issue #747]

From this version on, the game requires Java 7!

Unfortunately, the main issues (such as the balance) and developments (multiplayer) are still on hold. Balancing usually can't be expressed scientifically, but worked out by testing, testing and testing. The issue with the multiplayer is that I need to change many things from the ground up, which is on the borderline of redesigning the whole game. 

I don't have the time nor the commitment anymore to do this now. I feel with each change and improvement, I only get diminishing returns, and many problems faced are becoming harder and harder to fix within the confinement of the (original) game. 

I'd rather put my efforts into a completely new game. I have some ideas, but nothing substantial yet.

Anyway, If you find any issues, such as things that worked before not working anymore, don't hesitate to report an issue (I messed up the ground battle due to the MP and tried to restore it to a playable state).