2013. augusztus 16., péntek

Game version 0.95.131 released

First of all, sorry for the delay. My last few months of professional life was so intense, it drained all my enthusiasm and energy from Open IG. The current release is just a couple of easy-fixes:

  • If the player goes into a trade agreement with another empire, the Trader ships travel to those planets as well (cosmetic) [Issue #596]
  • Intro English subtitle corrections [Issue #725]
  • Fixed crash when ship-walking on level 4 [Issue #727]
  • Fixed the research tip on lab reorganization [Issue #733]
  • Fixed earthquake frequency [Issue #737]
  • Fixed hyperdrive availability problem in case of the Pre-Hyperdrive trait [Issue #747]

From this version on, the game requires Java 7!

Unfortunately, the main issues (such as the balance) and developments (multiplayer) are still on hold. Balancing usually can't be expressed scientifically, but worked out by testing, testing and testing. The issue with the multiplayer is that I need to change many things from the ground up, which is on the borderline of redesigning the whole game. 

I don't have the time nor the commitment anymore to do this now. I feel with each change and improvement, I only get diminishing returns, and many problems faced are becoming harder and harder to fix within the confinement of the (original) game. 

I'd rather put my efforts into a completely new game. I have some ideas, but nothing substantial yet.

Anyway, If you find any issues, such as things that worked before not working anymore, don't hesitate to report an issue (I messed up the ground battle due to the MP and tried to restore it to a playable state).

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