2012. december 28., péntek

Game version 0.95.124 released

Notable changes:

  • Tanks now try to get closer to their targets in ground battles. If you give them an explicit attack order, they will approach the target, fire one round, then move one cell closer if possible. If you give a move or stop order, they go into a form of guard mode and won't try to get closer to their target (i.e., they will hold formation). In attack-move this behavior is not enabled. You can disable this in the open-ig-config.xml under aiGroundAttackGetCloser.
  • Showing the bar and diplomacy room is now dependent on the walks.xml definition of the current level's ship design, not the level number. In addition, diplomacy was moved to the level 5 ship.
  • Aliens have now a separate police station (in the data files) which is cheaper and provides morale boost. This should improve their numbers and economy.
  • Campaign editor improvements. You can now create a copy of the existing campaign and adjust a few properties. However, I suggest using the copy feature only and make changes by the old fashioned  XML editing.
  • Aliens now produce their special units.
  • Fixed AI static defense planning for races who don't have banks and trader spaceports.
  • Aliens are now able to colonize any number of planets after 2 weeks into rank 4.

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